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Dr Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk, With The Trophy For International Star Award For Quality

Khaleej Times:

Dubai — Global Hawk Imaging, Diagnostics (GHID) and Telemedicine Services, the premium healthcare division under the UAE-based multinational conglomerate Mulk Holdings, has won the prestigious International Star Quality Award (ISQA) 2014 in Medicine for offering the most innovative radiology and telemedicine services in the Middle East.

Dr Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk, director of GHID and Mulk Healthcare Division, received the coveted ISQA at a ceremony organised by Business Initiative Directions (BID) at the BID International Quality Convention in Geneva, Switzerland recently. The internationally acclaimed award comes in recognition of the excellence in quality, service and innovation of-

We are deeply committed to quality and innovation Dr Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk

fered by the chain of GHID centres in the UAE.

GHID is the region’s one of the biggest private multi-disciplinary referral diagnostics facilities, which was unveiled in Dubai in 2011. With its in-house tele-radiology service, provided under the umbrella of Global Hawk Telemedicine, GHID is the region’s only ‘twin concept’ diagnostic service provider, and the UAE’s only tele-radiology solutions provider, approved by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The International BID Quality Award is designed to recognise the prestige of the outstanding companies, organisations, and leaders in the business world. GHID has been selected for the award, based on the TQM100 and ISO9000 criteria, which include total quality management and continuous medical education programmes for radiologists and medical professionals.

Upon receiving the award, Dr Mulk said: “We are extremely proud of receiving the global quality star award. At Mulk Holdings, we are deeply committed to quality and innovation. All of our services are driven on this model and we aim to constantly excel at it. This accolade stands not only as a stamp of our success but also as a continued assurance of our commitment towards excellence. This has helped us set even higher quality benchmarks for ourselves for the future.”

“Creating a great impact on healthcare sector in the region, the GHID’s ‘twin concept’ international service has been well-received by the medical fraternity in the region. Introducing the concept in 2008, GHID incorporated the latest medical technologies, aimed at providing diagnostics and tele-radiology services in record turn-around reporting time of 30 minutes for local diagnostics with second opinions from global radiology experts. This is in addition to implementing other global benchmarks,” he added.

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